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KJV-onlyism(VPP) and KJV-prefered; the facts.

Downgrade of FEBC after Rev. Timothy Tow
Is the great Rev. Timothy Tow an advocate of VPP?
Response to East African Christian Alliance on VPP
Old Testament debunks VPP
An elder's warning to members regarding VPP
VPP heresy and the bullying of a Chinese congregation
Quek Suan Yew's VPP found to be false
Whose land? Palestinian-Israeli conflict
Verbal Plenary Preservation: telling lies to glorify God!
KJV 1611- A Witness Against the VPP error
VPP and the 7th Day Adventist Cult connection
Carol Lee's child of god tells lies.
When leaders of churches fail to discipline.
KJV-onlyism(VPP) and KJV-prefered; the facts.
Gambling is always sinful
Providential Preservation of the Received Text.
Spiritual Terrorism
An Evidential Review of Verbal Plenary Preservation:

The citadel of Christian Fundamentalism, the Far Eastern Bible College has compromised its position. VPP, a virus of KJVonlyism has infected its faculty members. They have been abusing the pulpits by preaching this error, accusing brothers and sisters in Christ of being liberals. This error is a heresy because its teaching implies a reinspiration of Holy Scriptures. It is a works- gospel because one's salvation is in doubt unless one believes that the KJV bible is 100% perfect. People who preach another gospel should be anathemised (cursed)(Galatians 1:8). Those in leadership position should be weary of such people preaching heresy.

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