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When leaders of churches fail to discipline.

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When leaders of churches fail to discipline.
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The FEBC has had an excellent record as a sound, fundamentalist seminary under Rev. Timothy Tow. God has truly blessed the work of Rev. Tow and his brother, Dr. Tow, in that many reformed churches set up are either directly or indirectly linked to the bible college. 


Many in the BP family were hopeful when Rev. Jeffrey Khoo became the obvious successor to Rev. Tow; he is eloquent, writes well, intelligent and has the fire of fundamentalism in his guts when he preaches.


However, he was too clever. Being from a charismatic background, he broke ranks with historic reformed  Christianty  and introduced VPP-KJVOnlyism to "safe-guard" the KJV bible. Together with some FEBC lecturers, Khoo redefined established terms to cause confusion, and then promoted aggressively this man-made heresy causing schism among believers in the Lord.


This article traces briefly how this man-made teaching of  VPP-KJVOnlyism is destorying the BP churches the Tows help built. Firm friends and brothers-in-the-Lord are even embroiled in a legal case.    


Indeed, the great apostle Paul wrote in Corinthians: "....we do not war after the flesh: For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds."

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