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The FEBC, founded in 1962, became one of the leading conservative Christian bible colleges in Singapore under Rev. (Dr.) Timothy Tow. However, when Jeffrey Khoo, the son-in-law of Rev. Tow, became the academic dean of the college in the late 1990's, FEBC went into a steep decline. It strayed further and further away from its original aim and, in February 2007 it became a completely new college; only the name Far Eastern Bible College was not changed.

FEBC officially became a cultic college, promoting the heresy of kjv-onlyism (Ruckmanism lite) when it added into its constitution, We believe the Hebrew Old Testament and the Greek New Testament underlying the Authorised (King James) Version to be the very Word of God, infallible and inerrant.

In an article in the Burning Bush (July 2006), Khoo wrote,

"Could God have restored for His Church all of His inspired and preserved words in the days of the Reformation? Just as He restored the Old Covenant words of His Decalogue through His servant Moses...we believe He surely did... the time-tested and time-honoured Textus Receptus underlying the KJV."

Khoo's line of arguments are
(a) God restored the Original writings through the KJV translators, i.e. the KJV translators were inspired like prophets and apostles of old.
(b) the KJV follows exactly the Hebrew Old Testament (Masoretic texts) and the Greek Textus Receptus.

In this article, Pastor Yap Beng Shin shows clearly the that the KJV and the Hebrew MT differed in a few places e.g. Isaiah 19:10. Therefore the claims of the VPP advocates are false. He also discusses question such as

"Are there scribal errors in the MT?"

"Did the KJV translators believe the MT or the Ben Chayyim Text underlying the KJV was perfect or exactly the same as the Autograph? Were they guided by the Holy Spirit to make all the correct decisions regarding textual matters, resulting in a perfect MT that is free from error?"

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