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In the Christian Church heresy does not come as a total package. It builds up gradually. It develops within the minds of heretics as they succumb to the temptations of Satan. The day will come when it finally shows itself in its true form.

VPP is no exception. It started with the illusory religious zeal to defend the King James Bible and showed its true form when one of the founding senior pastors of the BP movement in Singapore 'preached',

"We must be careful; not every Bible is the Word of [NKJV] is a very corrupt has a Satanic logo...Satanic logo on the front cover...There is only one Bible today in English true to the Word of God...the King James Bible."

"In case you're in any doubt let me assure you. THE TRUTH OF GOD'S WORD WILL BE SETTLED NOT IN ANY OTHER LANGUAGE BIBLE BUT IN ENGLISH." The Chinese translator could hardly believe his ears and the pastor repeated the sentence.

It's therefore not surprising that the VPP heresy is a form of Ruckmanism.

Right click, download and listen to VPP senior pastor(2.5 min)

The senior pastor, together with the elders from his church (Calvary BP Pandan), are bullying the Chinese-speaking congregation into subscribing to VPP. The Chinese congregation can't accept this because their Bible, the CUV is based on the Westcott and Hort (W-H) texts. The VPP proponents view the W-H texts as Satanic inspired, hence implying that the CUV is from Satan.

The VPP heretics have forgotten of how God used the CUV in the Asian Awakening (where an estimated 200,000-300,000 souls were saved 1928-1949) through His faithful servant (John) Sung Shang Chieh.

The Chinese-speaking congregation has written an irrefutable defence of orthodox Christianity once delivered to the saints. Our God is no respecter of race or language (Acts 10:34) although the VPP advocates think that God favour the English and Americans over other races.

Read the 59 page defence of Christianity against the VPP heresy