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Response to East African Christian Alliance on VPP
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An Evidential Review of Verbal Plenary Preservation:
Under the unholy influence of the Far Eastern Bible College, the EACA (East African Christian Alliance) was misled into subscribing to VPP.[posted in True-Life BPC weekly]
The question that one should ask is that when the ICCC (International Council of Christian Churches) was formed, did the founding members believe that the Hebrew and Greek texts immediately underlying the KJV bible were the Originals?
Jeffrey Khoo, the academic dean of the FEBC did not tell Bishop Kivai of the EACA that he (J Khoo) believed that the KJV translators restored the biblical texts exactly in the same manner as prophet Moses did at Mount Sinai.
Pray to God that Bishop Kivai's eyes be opened since he has been deceived by Khoo.  

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