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In 1930, 7th Day Adventist (SDA) theologian Dr. BG Wilkinson wrote a book('Our Authorized Bible Vindicated') to defend the KJV. It was written because modern bible versions did not contain the verses misinterpreted by the SDA to support their practices. Wilkinson quoted extensively from 'inspired' SDA prophetess Ms. Ellen White. Dr. David Otis Fuller, a leading founder of the Dean Burgon Society, compiled a series of works by different authors into a book 'Which Bible'. About half of 'Which Bible' consists of Wilkinson's work. Fuller lied about the background of Wilkinson and rubbed out the footnotes which refered to prophetess White. In so doing, thousands of good Christian people were insiduously fed SDA theology thinking that Wilkinson is a conservative evangelical Christian. Today, the Dean Burgon Society and Far Eastern Bible College in Singapore still sells these unholy cultic books.

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