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Recently, two articles by Rev. Quek S Y, (i) A Reply To Rev Tang's Paper,"Speaking The Truth In Love"; (ii) Critique of Life BP, "Mark Them Which Cause Divisions", contained many assertions that were not only false but in fact, were wild accusations and lies. For example, Rev Quek accused Rev Tang Wai Kay writings as diabolical, then he misrepresented Grace BP Church (where Rev Tan Eng Boo is pastor) changing its bible from the KJV to the NKJV.

A member of a BP church who follows the VPP heresy afflicting BP churches was obviously very agitated by the recent events. She wrote passionately an article to rebut Rev Quek's fallacious arguments and wild accusations.

Rev. Quek replied to her article asking her to subscribe to VPP so as to have the Perfect Bible in one's hand. She replied by showing that FEBC's promotion of VPP is totally dishonest and that VPP is woefully inconsistent, unbiblical and is therefore a heresy.

First critique of Quek's article

Quek's reply to Ms. Tang

Ms. Tang demolishes Quek, leaving him no leg to stand on